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we condemn. We, who do not like the Stalinised-
Marxist state, have, as they used to say in British
politics, to " dish " it by going one better. We
have to confront Eastern-spirited collectivism
with Western-spirited collectivism.
Perhaps this may be better put. \Ve may be
giving way to a sub-conscious conceit here and
assuming that the West is always going to be
thinking more freely and clearly and working
more efficiently than the East. It is like that now,
but it may not always be like that. Every country
has had its phases of illumination and its phases
of blindness. Stalin and Stalinism are neither
the beginning nor the end of the collectivisation
of Russia.
We are dealing with something still almost
impossible to estimate, the extent to which the
new Russian patriotism and the new Stalin-
worship, have effaced and how far they have
merely masked, the genuinely creative inter-
national communism of the revolutionary years.
The Russian rnind is not a docile mind, and
most of the literature available for a young man
to read in Russia, we must remember, is still
revolutionary. There has been no burning of the
books there. The Moscow radio talks for internal
consumption since the Hitler-Stalin understand-
ing betray a great solicitude on the part of the
F                          81